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Sometimes life doesn’t always pan out as we’d hoped. We had great plans. But then a crisis stalls us or a familiar pattern rears its ugly head again. Perhaps we never had it easy. We talk to those around us but somehow it’s difficult to be heard. They have their own lives and troubles to contend with. How can we ask them for help?


Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a safe and non-judgemental space to explore life’s struggles. You may have something specific you’d like to talk about. Or you may not know the details. You’re just aware that stuff continues to niggle and you’d like help to figure out why.


Choosing a therapist can be a process in itself. We enjoy a dizzying array of counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. But this can make it difficult to decide who to 'try out' and perhaps go on to work with. My hope through this site is to introduce myself to you and better equip you to make that decision.


So feel free to keep exploring this site, see what you think and get in touch if you'd like an initial session. My private practice is based in Edinburgh and online.


I wish you well on your search. It takes great courage to have therapy, so you're making a great first step simply by looking into it.

07942 370317

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